Casa Di Nourelle, a demi couture fashion house founded by Egyptian designer Nourhan Sawa ‘Nourelle’. Born out of the art of storytelling and creative reverie, Nourelle’s collections hold compelling stories of heritage, mystery and power inspired by different cultures, fascinations and real life experiences.

Casa Di Nourelle follows an artisticially driven design aesthetic where the creations are rich in a fusion of luxe, flowy, delicate fabrics made by the hands of Italian artisans and Egyptian craftsmen who are highly skilled artists of great knowledge of genuine Egyptian hand work and ancient embroidery techniques mixed with Nourelle’s own vision of abstract art.

Casa Di Nourelle aspires to be the first brand reference for any woman looking for artistry in her style. Nourelle targets a leading lady who can do it all, a lady who’s trendy, bold and rebellious yet flaunts her classic, graceful and timeless style, she has a deep passion for art; she appreciates intricate embroidery, premium fabrics and opulent designs that accentuate her unique personage.

Casa di Nourelle vision translates to “ Ancient luxury renovation ” where nourelle renovates ancient Egyptian crafts into modern luxury attire maintaining a superior level of dreamy artistry and craftsmanship.


While Nourelle grew up listening to the captivating stories of her charming grandpa Salama about his beloved hometown Alexandria with its mysteries and people, she discovered a whole new world of a unique and varied cul- ture she admired in her grandpa’s stories, anticas, and photographs. Nourelle describes her brand’s culture and tone of voice as a charming medeiterre- nean mix projecting the richness and sophistication of the art found in the Fatimid period and the great Alexandria’s catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the mesmerizing one of a kind historic site merging the Ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek culture under one roof. Casa Di Nourelle is the cul- ture of the many common elements found in supposedly contrary worlds.

Casa di Nourelle women’s culture is just like the cul- ture of the inspiring women in her grandpa’s stories, a culture of the so demureness of Nourelle’s beautiful Alexandrian great grand mother Zeinab and from Porto no, her best friend Anka of the magnetic striking edge. both lived in the same neighbourhood overlook- ing the mesmerizing corniche of Alexandria ‘the bride of the mediterra- nean’, sharing and exchanging traditions, food, fashion and more. at’s the culture of Casa Di Nourelle, a new culture born out of the harmoni- ous contradictions of opposing worlds like the worlds of Anka and Zeinab.


Casa Di Nourelle Logo is a key brand element, inspired by the concept of the Mashrabiya which is an architechtural element of the Fatim- id period in Egypt, Casa Di Nourelle Logo emphasizes the brand’s vi- sion of art and women empowerment. Back then, people lived in Mashrabiyas which were split in two, Haremlek and Salamlek, wom- en lived in Haremlek while men lived in Salemlek , the Haremlek was designed in a way that could view the Salamlek while the Salam- lek was designed not to view the Haremlek, the concept was designed in respect of a woman’s secrecy and privacy which was highly respect- ed by men. It also had a deeper philosophical meaning of a woman’s vision that meant she could see, plan and think beyond the ordinary


With a vision of ancient luxury renovation, Casa di Nourelle is be- yond attire and more of an experience. as we believe in making changes and having a strong impact on the society we live in, the brand is applying its vision on a larger scale, making Casa Di Nourelle a community, an initiative dedicated to address our values in a form of lively experiences where the brand will have seasonal events for each new collection in a from of discussion panels and workshops in di erent forms such as painting, lmmaking, storytelling and other topics dedicated to address our brand values focused on art, empow- erment, heritage, giving back, humanity and innovation. Casa Di Nourelle aspires to build a strong community, sharing experiences, creating, innovating and interacting, all for an impactful change.


Born on the 1st of July 1997, Egyptian designer Nourhan Sawa – Nourelle was exposed to di erent sorts of art from a very young age. She became intrigued mainly with fash- ion design and the art of storytelling and lmmaking, and then she decided to pursue her career as a fashion designer where she can combine her passion for design and sto- rytelling through her brand where she translates her inspiring stories into oppulent fash- ion creations holding compelling stories of heritage, mystery, and power inspired by real captivating stories either in her own life or in the di erent cultures she nds inspiring. A er studying lm and screen media production while attending fashion design courses at the Italian fashion institute, Nourelle pursued her training in fashion at University of the arts London – London College of fashion where she studied Fashion brand management. As an eager learner, she decided to continue her learning journey at the Ecole Supérieur des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD) where she got enrolled in the post graduate Fashion Marketing program while taking the very rst steps in building Casa Di Nourelle.